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New job!

On Tuesday this week I rejoined BMO after a short hiatus, moving from operations to the finance department. Specifically I will be tracking and helping to coordinate the technology development budget: all of the money BMO spends on projects. So far, so good… A lot to learn! BIG thanks to everyone who helped me with […]


Feast of the Dedication, SMM, 2010

Vandalism in Toronto

The news reports are full of pictures of burning police cars, and the streets full of broken glass. It’s depressing, but Stephen Harper just made his case for the $1B security bill. Doesn’t it seem like security has a disproportionate cost, though? Let’s review the damage: no major injuries, some broken windows, four or five […]

6 wonderful years!

Today is my 6th wedding anniversary. I am the luckiest man alive, for many reasons, but here is some very specific proof:

State of the garden

Well, the garden is looking pretty good! The combination of lots of rain and lots of sun has the grass growing mightily, and the beds we installed last summer are shaping up nicely. Yay! Plus, the gardener’s company is named Quercus, which is pleasing.

What’s up wit’ me?

Anne is home from a brief conference in St. John’s, reporting that the weather was freezing, the food was bad, the B&B was too far from the conference, and she had a great time. There was apparently dancing. Here, there was less dancing, but otherwise things were good. It was very nice to see Kelly […]

Happy Weekend!

Welcome to my newly updated blog.  I’ve finally switched from Blogger (which no longer supports posting to hosted sites through ftp) to WordPress (which Dreamhost set up easily for me) and I have all my old posts migrated and updated already.  If I get really ambitious I might start working on getting a new photo […]

Walk in the Don Valley

Dad wasn’t feeling well, so Mum & I went for a walk in the valley without him.

Summer heat

Spring is over, and summer is now unofficially here: the morning was hot (19 at the moment) and the day’s getting hotter (high of 31!). To celebrate, the TTC’s maintenance staff staged an illegal and unannounced strike this morning, so we got to walk to work. What a jolly time. Anne and I have had […]

Random news

A while since my last post (again, and I’m sorry!) so some quick updates on the news front. My work continues apace, and Anne is, if anything, too busy with her work. My birthday came and went pretty quietly on the weekend with the main activity of the day being a trip to see the […]