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New job!

On Tuesday this week I rejoined BMO after a short hiatus, moving from operations to the finance department. Specifically I will be tracking and helping to coordinate the technology development budget: all of the money BMO spends on projects. So far, so good… A lot to learn! BIG thanks to everyone who helped me with […]


Tom Leslie Consulting Inc.

So I set up a new company in late November, and I’m out on my own. I’ve been pretty relaxed about marketing so far, since I’ve had a few more or less back-to-back jobs handed to me by Accenture and other colleagues. Here’s my business card image. At some point, I’m going to rework the […]

I did what?? What was I thinking?

Friday was my last day in the office… I still get benefits until next Friday (I’m on vacation until then) and then… unemployment! Yikes, what have I done? In other news, Patrick and Catherine are engaged, hooray! They’re getting married in February. Yay for love!

So long, Accenture!

This month marks ten years and six months since I started working for Accenture, an almost inconceivably long time. When I started I thought I would be with the company for two or three years, but in many ways the company has done an excellent job of providing a steady incremental stream of personal challenges […]