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Day 1

Hotel Arnarhvoll, Reykjavik

Leif Ericson

We’re having a brief lull — somewhat jet-lagged — while we wait for our room to be prepared so we can lie down. The flight over was smooth and somewhat restful, but a five hour flight cannot replace a night of sleep. Still, we arrived reasonably awake, albeit at 2:30 am Toronto time, and a coffee in the airport set us up for our first day.

We’re in Iceland! The terrain is distinctly otherworldly. Raw rock breaks through the thin topsoil everywhere, and there are no trees to be seen. But it’s beautiful nonetheless, and we’re looking forward to getting out of the city into the topography on Monday.

My brilliant move of the trip so far was to leave my camera’s memory card attached to my PC at home, but it was soon replaced locally and we were quickly off for a walking tour of the downtown area, which is quite compact. After a brief stop alongthe waterfront to see a modern Viking ship sculpture (which Anne has photos of) we walked up the hill to the Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik’s most distinctive landmark, a towering church with a most impressive flared belltower. We took the elevator up for photos of the city, and then stayed for a noon-hour organ recital.

We’re contemplating our next move now. Either a museum, or (more likely) our first visit to one of Iceland’s famous swimming pools.

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